How do I clean my lamp?
With two! clean dry grease and dust free microfibre or glass cloths. Hold one cloth in each hand. (cutting a cloth in half also works well). With one hand you hold the lamp, with the other you start on the inside and finish all glass plates outwards. You can wipe away dust in no time. Our lamps do not like moisture and grease. If your lamp does get dirty, you can wet a cloth a little with hot water and a very small drop of washing-up liquid. Wipe the glass clean (watch the edges, if you wipe it too hard with the cloth, it may come off). Wipe the glass thoroughly and dry with a clean grease-free microfibre cloth.

How do I unpack my lamp?
Never touch the lamp with (greasy) fingers. Take two dry clean grease and dust free microfibre or glass cloths and use them to remove the lamp from the box. Be careful and make sure nothing hits or bumps into anything.

How do I hang my lamp?
Our pendant lamps come with a ceiling cap. Screw the supplied metal plate to the central box in the ceiling. Connect the electrical wires together by means of a terminal block. Determine the correct length of the fabric cable and shorten it if necessary. You can roll this up in the ceiling cap. Tightly screw the screw cap back onto the ceiling rose. Now attach the black metal ceiling rose to the metal plate with the two supplied screws. Finished!

Can I exchange my lamp?
If you are not satisfied with the product*, you can exchange or return it within 14 days. Full refund of the purchase amount. The product must be returned unused and undamaged in its original packaging. Shipping costs are for the buyer.

*With the exception of customization and custom-made cloches.

If you have something else in mind? Let us know, we are happy to think along about a CUSTOM LAMP.

Are the LED bulbs dimmable?

Yes! Our LED bulbs are dimmable. Please note that not all dimmers work on LED. An experienced electrician can make a small adjustment in the dimmer so that it also works on LED.

How does shipping work?

Packages with a size of max. 100 × 50 × 50 cm and up to 23 kg* are sent via Parcel Post with a Track & Trace code. The shipping costs for this are € 7 for the Netherlands and € 25 for Belgium. The rates for other EU countries and the United Kingdom are between €25-€45.

*Excluding customization or lamps made of 2 mm glass. Due to the vulnerability of the product, we recommend pick up or shipping by courier. Costs depend on the place of residence, a surcharge of €30 is charged by the courier for glass transport.